1. Massachusetts Sent 62F Income Tax Rebate Checks To Illegal Immigrants, Department Of Revenue Confirms

    Posted 2/26/23 at newbostonpost.com

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  2. Economist Sees Massachusetts Millionaire Tax Avoidance, Rather Than Relocation

    Posted 1/22/23 at newbostonpost.com

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  3. Barely a month after Election Day, Galvin floats tweaks to ‘millionaires tax’ to exempt some homeowners

    Posted 12/9/22 at bostonglobe.com

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  4. Return to Taxachusetts: Bay Staters approve 4% millionaire surtax

    Posted 11/12/22 at washingtonexaminer.com

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  5. Maura Healey Supporting Millionaires’ Tax In Massachusetts

    Posted 9/29/22 at newbostonpost.com

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  6. Globe columnist Shirley Leung makes our argument on the tax hike amendment

    Posted 9/22/22 at pioneerinstitute.org

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  7. Bump: $2.94 billion to be returned to Massachusetts taxpayers

    Posted 9/16/22 at washingtonexaminer.com

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  8. OTR: Which way will 'millionaire tax' ballot question go in Mass.

    Posted 9/11/22 at youtube.com

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  9. OTR: Republican nominee for Mass. governor Diehl on his Trump ties

    Posted 9/11/22 at youtube.com

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  10. Don’t Make Massachusetts ‘Taxachusetts’ Again

    Posted 9/9/22 at wsj.com

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  11. ‘Screw You Elizabeth Warren’: Mark Cuban Lets It Rip On Senator Over Taxes

    Posted 9/7/22 at dailycaller.com

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  12. The Perils of Not Paying Property Taxes In Massachusetts Illustrated In Bourne Case

    Posted 8/13/22 at newbostonpost.com

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  13. Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Doughty outlines tax cut agenda

    Posted 8/9/22 at sentinelandenterprise.com

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  14. Barbara Anderson Strikes Again – Massachusetts Taxpayers To Get Tax Rebate Thanks To Obscure 1986 Referendum

    Posted 7/28/22 at newbostonpost.com

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  15. ‘Millionaire’s tax’ opponents launch campaign, cite potential impact on small business owners

    Posted 5/24/22 at wgbh.org

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  16. Now is the Time for Broad Tax Relief Aimed at the Middle Class

    Posted 5/16/22 at massfiscal.org

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  17. Massachusetts Gas Prices Hit Record High — Again

    Posted 5/11/22 at newbostonpost.com

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  18. Keller @ Large: Legislators who reject gas tax pause may start feeling

    Posted 5/10/22 at boston.cbslocal.com

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  19. Tax Foundation Reports MA is the 5th Highest State for Property Taxes

    Posted 5/10/22 at massfiscal.org

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  20. Progressive Policy Study: Californians Dreamin’ While Jobs and People

    Posted 5/9/22 at pioneerinstitute.org

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  21. Keller @ Large: Tax Issues Expected To Be Front And Center On

    Posted 4/11/22 at boston.cbslocal.com

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